About the Contest


The purpose of the GCTV Student Video Contest is to inspire participant(s) to produce original video content in any genre, fiction or non-fiction and in any form including but not limited to:

  • live actors
  • animation
  • photography
  • cartooning


The GCTV Video Contest (“Contest”) is open to all Guilford residents who are students enrolled in 9th through 12th grades at a public, private, parochial, or home schooled at the time of entry and when prizes are awarded.

Award Levels

1st Place Scholarship

2nd Place Scholarship

3rd Place Scholarship


To register your video or for questions please email GCTV Contest.


Please review the contest rules carefully for video submission guidelines and the submission and judging process.

GCTV 2019 Student Video Contest Rules


You may enter up to two videos. A completed registration packet must be completed for each video submitted.

You can download a PDF or Microsoft Word version of the registration packet.

GCTV 2019 Student Video Contest - Registration Packet - PDF

GCTV 2019 Student Video Contest - Registration Packet - WORD

Helpful Resources

Royalty Free Content

Just because you can download an image, video or audio from the internet does not mean it is OK to use in your video production.

Royalty free content is stock media created for the purpose of being able to use it in your project. A one time, up front cost to purchase such media allows you to use it in your projects, LEGALLY, and without having to incur additional charges in the future (royalties).

Below is a list of links to well-known royalty free content sites.


Adobe Stock


Digital Juice

Shutter Stock


If you are using a site such as Flickr or Creative Commons be sure to read the permissions for each piece of content carefully. Artists have complete control over how their content is used and not everyone who submits content to these sites permits it to be used in projects.

Submission Deadline Extended

The deadline to submit videos to the Student Video Contest has been extended to Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Thank You to Our 2019 Sponsors

  • Joe Goldberg
  • Rob McCoole
  • Community sponsors like you.

We are at the 36% mark of our $2,500 goal. Every little bit helps. See below for details on how you can support the Scholarship Fund for the 2019 Student Video Contest.

Become a Sponsor of the 2019 Student Video Contest

GCTV needs your help to launch our 4th Annual Student Video Contest, offering local young people the opportunity to showcase their media talents. Like before, the contest will be open to Guilford students who are in grades 9-12. They do not need to be attending GHS – all high school age Guilford residents are welcome to participate.

This year, GCTV is seeking community support for the contest. The producers of the top three videos are awarded a scholarship, which in years past has been funded by anonymous donors. This year’s funding goal is $2500. It is our hope that with community support we can increase the amount of scholarship money offered in this year’s contest from $1000 - $2000 and have some funds to rollover into the next year’s contest scholarship.

Please consider contributing to the Student Video Contest Scholarship fund. If GCTV is fortunate enough to exceed our funding goal of $2500 for this year all remaining funds will be carried over into the next year’s contest. If we meet our current bench mark of $1000 but do not reach the $2000 needed to double our scholarship then funds in excess of $1000 will carry over into next year’s contest.

Please review our sponsorship levels. All contributions are appreciated and will be acknowledged as outlined below for the 2019 Student Video Contest.

Sponsorship Levels

$1000 – Gold Sponsor:

$500 – Silver:

$200 – Bronze:

Community Sponsor – Donate what you wish.

This option is for those who wish to support the contest but would prefer to not be recognized by name. We will acknowledge the group of “Community Sponsors” on the website and Facebook page and credits of the student video contest ceremony.

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