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About the Contest


The purpose of the GCTV Student Video Contest is to inspire participant(s) to produce original video content in any genre, fiction or non-fiction and in any form including but not limited to:

  • live actors
  • animation
  • photography
  • cartooning


The GCTV Video Contest (“Contest”) is open to all Guilford residents who are students enrolled in 9th through 12th grades at a public, private, parochial, or home schooled at the time of entry and when prizes are awarded.

Award Levels

1st Place Scholarship - $500.00

2nd Place Scholarship - $300.00

3rd Place Scholarship - $200.00


To register your video or for questions please email GCTV Contest.


  • Particpants / Teams may submit up to two videos.
  • Each video sumitted must be accompanied by a registration packet.
  • Videos may not exceed 7 minutes.
  • Videos and registration packets may be submitted to GCTV from October 2, 2017 - March 4, 2018.
  • Submit in person or online using dropbox, google drive, one drive any other online file storage service that will allow you to upload your video and completed forms and then send a link to GCTV.
  • Send links to all digital submission to GCTV Contest.

Download the complete Contest Rules document.

Helpful Resources

Royalty Free Content

Just because you can download an image, video or audio from the internet does not mean it is OK to use in your video production.

Royalty free content is stock media created for the purpose of being able to use it in your project. A one time, up front cost to purchase such media allows you to use it in your projects, LEGALLY, and without having to incur additional charges in the future (royalties).

Below is a list of links to well-known royalty free content sites.


Adobe Stock


Digital Juice

Shutter Stock

If you are using a site such as Flickr or Creative Commons be sure to read the permissions for each piece of content carefully. Artists have complete control over how their content is used and not everyone who submits content to these sites permits it to be used in projects.