GCTV's Production Facilities

  • General Guidelines
  • Studio
  • Editing
  • Field

General Rules

  • Training and use of equipment is free and available to community members who live or work in Guilford.
  • You must be 18 years of age to sign out equipment. Children under 18 must have an adult sign out equipment for them.
  • Producers do not have to use GCTV's equipment in order to produce programming for broadcast. You can use your own or a mix of your equipment and GCTV's.
  • Anything produced using GCTV's equipment must be aired on GCTV. The program, however, belongs to you (the Producer).

Read GCTV's Full Policies & Procedures Manual

GCTV Is Media You Create

Our mission is to train community members to produce programming they want to share with their community.

It's Easy and Fun

If you can think it up, you can make it happen at GCTV! Your production can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

You Have Content, We Have Crew!

GCTV has a list of volunteers who have already been trained and are happy to help out. The more advanced notice GCTV has of a production the more likely we will find volunteers for the project.

The Studio Can Be Used For...

...producers who want to tape their program in a controlled environment.  A great option for discussion programs, small art exhibits, bands and other artistic expression.

Studio Equipment Includes...

  • 4 HD Cameras
  • teleprompters
  • microphones
  • lighting
  • green screen

Add photos, video clips, music, powerpoint and credits to your studio program.


GCTV encourages Producers to get family, friends, co-workers and committee members involved as production crew, especially if you intend to produce regular programs. It is the best way to have core support that is committed to your project and with whom you can coordinate directly.

That said, GCTV also maintains an email list of active volunteers and interns. Once a studio date is set, we will email the volunteer list to see who is available to run crew.


Initial training for the studio equipment runs about 2 hours. Producers and their crew are walked through the process of setting up the cameras and microphones as well as shot composition. Review the basic studio setup guidelines before your training or as a refresher before a shoot.

Producers are encouraged to come in for additional training to explore the endless opportunities for creating dynamic studio productions using green screen, powerpoint, music, photos and more.

Editing Is Great For...

...producers who want to add titles, special effects, voice over, photos and other elements to their video production.
GCTV’s editing facilities include:

  • iMac computers
  • iMovie, Final Cut Express & Adobe Premiere editing software
  • Live Type and Keynote software for custom graphics
  • Soundtrack and Garage Band for audio production
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects

GCTV Dedicates the Lincoln Room


The best way to learn editing is to have a project with an end goal in mind. Contact GCTV to discuss your next editing project and to book time in our calendar.

Our Final Cut Tips are a great review of the basics in editing as well as common keyboard shortcuts.

The videos below will give you an idea of what can be done in editing and what is involved.

Field Production Is Great For...

...producers who want to record programs and events on location. It's easy to get involved.

Our Field Equipment Includes

  • cameras
  • tripods
  • microphones & stands
  • portable green screen


It all comes down to "where are the buttons?" Most cameras all have the same basic functions of zoom, focus, and audio setup. The buttons may change location from camera to camera, but the technique for getting all this to work properly is the same.

Whether you are thinking of borrowing one of GCTV's cameras or are planning to use your own please check out the field guide and accompanying video below for basic camera setup and operation. If you need additional support before your next GCTV production, contact us to setup an appointment.

Field Manual - Download Print Version