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GCTV is a "something for everyone" organization. We offer media exploration opportunities for all ages and skill levels. Nothing is off limits. Produce your own show, help other producers with their show, work behind the scenes or develop your stage presence on camera.

Bring a friend and make new ones as you explore media production and broadcast at GCTV.

There are so many ways to get involved!


Connect with Community & Build Skills

Volunteering at GCTV is a great way to connect with community, develop technical skills and stage presence and step into the production process in a friendly, creative atmosphere.

GCTV volunteers can work out a regular schedule with us or sign up for our volunteer email list to be notified when volunteer opportunities arise.

Volunteers can be trained in all aspects of production or pick those they are most interested in. Contact GCTV to learn more about volunteering and training opportunities in:

  • field production
  • studio cameras
  • audio production
  • directing
  • editing

GCTV Needs Content!

If you are active in the community and have an interest in organizing people and information to develop programs we will work to get you the technical volunteers to make it happen. Contact GCTV to set up a production meeting. Now is the best time to get in our calendar!

Its All About ME - Media Exploration for Youth

GCTV is as much a vehicle for Guilford youth to exercise their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech as it is for the adults of the community. Thanks to a grant from GFFE, GCTV has launched a new initiative to provide a creative outlet for middle school students.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Goldberg

Left to Right: GCTV Board Member, Terri Cain; GCTV Operations Manager, Shannon Gale; GFFE Liaison, Connie Fitch

With the generous support of the Guilford Fund for Education (GFFE) we have purchased one iMac computer and 4 field cameras to be used in youth Media Exploration initiatives.

Storyboard Sundays is a weekly program that meets from 1-3pm on Sundays. Kids work independently or as a team to develop and produce an idea for broadcast on GCTV. The following format is followed:

  • brainstorm and choose an idea
  • write a storyboard or script
  • film
  • edit
  • promote and broadcast

Every child has an opportunity to develop and produce their own creation and all children are encouraged to support each other as technical crew when ideas are moved from development to production.

Contact GCTV to learn more about Storyboard Sundays.


Check Out Storyboard Sunday Videos



Interning at GCTV

GCTV offers internship opportunities for middle school, high school and college students.

Media production is more than just using the technology and GCTV is a great place for Guilford youth to explore different areas of interest in a safe, creative environment. Explore the technology, develop an on-camera stage presence and discover something completely new about the world with the content developed for each show.

Intern at GCTV and:

  • have access to professional cameras and editing equipment as well as training;
  • earn community service hours for graduation;
  • add skills for your resume.

Why Produce an Independent Project?

Nothing will prepare you better for a career in media production than having the experience of developing and producing a project from beginning to end. You will, with out a doubt, learn the technology as you progress through a project but you will also gain valuable skills in organization, communication and project planning.

An independent project will give you an opportunity to:

  • script the program
  • plan for guests, crew and location
  • produce the program (videography and editing)
  • plan for its broadcast on GCTV and the web

Check Out Some of Our Student Intern Projects!

Produced By Matt Lebow


GCTV Presents Videographer's Forum

Moderator: Al DiMarzio, GCTV Board Member

First Tuesday of the month, September to June.
7:00 - 8:00 pm
GCTV Studio
725 Boston Post Road, Unit 5
Guilford, CT 06437
No RSVP needed.

Whether you are simply interested in learning about making videos, are a novice or professional videographer, this open forum is for you. Here is where you can share ideas, discuss editing and videography techniques, and show your videos for open discussion. The forum is FREE ... and of course, bring a friend! For additional information contact the moderator, Al Di Marzio at (203) 215-0992.

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