Watch GCTV Broadcast Channels

Comcast subscribers

Public Programming - Channel 18

Education Programming - Channel 19

Government Programming - Channel 20

Frontier Subscribers

  • Choose channel 99
  • press OK
  • Press the channel/page down button (to the right go to the guide button) 6x’s until Guilford Community TV is highlighted
  • press OK
  • Choose Public, Education or Government by using down arrow (below OK button) Then press OK button
  • If you wait about 15-20 seconds the show that’s on the channel that’s highlighted will play in the little window to the right

GCTV Broadcast Schedule

GCTV maintains the broadcast schedule for all three channels. The schedule changes at 12:01am on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Community Calendar

Community Calendars & program schedules as seen above can be viewed in between scheduled program broadcasts and are updated as follows:

The Public Calendar - Updated by GCTV.

The Education Calendar - Updated by Guilford Public Schools.

The Government Calendar - Updated by Guilford Town Hall.

Watch GCTV Online

On-Demand programming is an opt-in feature we provide our producers. Not everything produced at GCTV is posted to the internet. Only content with producer permission is uploaded. We currently have over 800 programs organized into over 20 playlists. New content is uploaded on Sundays by 6 pm. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for free to be notified when new content becomes available.

Visit our YouTube channel to browse all of our videos.

GCTV Playlists Quick Links